Her Royal Majesty is a quarterly literary arts magazine founded in Halifax in 2008. We publish exciting and original work. Each issue follows a theme and we like work to fit that theme in exciting and original ways.
Size limit: 4000

We will accept stories up to 4000 words. If your story is longer, please send an email to halifaxroyalmajesty@gmail.com, or send us an excerpt. We have serialized stories in the past.

Kinds of fiction we like: Experimental fiction, literary fiction, metafiction, meta-meta fiction, magical realism, absurdist fiction, surreal fiction. We like to feel feelings. Please include the number of the issue in the title of your file.
We like short poems, long poems, and medium poems. We like numbered poems and poems about numbers. We like poetic lists and listless poetics. We like poems that put the roses in the refrigerator.

Please submit a maximum of three poems.
Creative non-fiction, essays about art, essays about life, festival reporting, recipes, etc. Feel free to send an inquiry if you have any questions about form or content: info@heroyalmajesty.ca
We publish drawings, sketches, photographs (and their negatives), paintings, light paintings, finger paintings, etches, wood stamps, blueprints, maps, collages and the like.

Please attach artwork in .pdf or .jpg files
The Her Royal Majesty blog publishes original content that is not included in our magazine and, unlike the journal, follows no theme. The blog permits us to publish an even larger variety of art forms: music, short films, sound poems and the like. We will also be starting a series of interviews with artists whose work we publish regularly, or just admire wholeheartedly. Reviews, too, will be published weekly.

We welcome your submissions through this Submishmash manager, but if you are interested in submitting work to the blog either punctually or regularly, or if you have a book you would like reviewed, please send a query to either the editor in chief or the managing blog editor.